Vancouver Aquarium – Why Is it a Great Place to Host an Event?

The Vancouver Aquarium houses a wide variety of marine species since it is the headquarters of Ocean Wise.Ocean Wise is an international organization dedicated to caring for our oceans and spread the word about them.

Under this vision, this magical place brings with it activities and ideal settings for events of all kinds, providing guests with an unforgettable experience.Here’s a special preview of the place.

Magical Facilities

Vancouver Aquarium Why Is it a Great Place to Host an Event dolphin - Vancouver Aquarium - Why Is it a Great Place to Host an Event?

When we talk about aquariums, we immediately get an idea of ​​the various colours we usually find under the oceans, filled with marine life. Now imagine more than 100,000 square feet of all that magic at your fingertips, and better yet, make it the backdrop for a special,unique, and unforgettable event.

From birthdays to weddings and corporate events, this aquarium can host all kinds of events and have several venue options. If you are expecting to host a big magical event, this aquarium is for you.

Your Options

This incredible aquarium has spaces for meeting rooms, cocktail receptions, and restaurants adaptable to every palate. Also, extensive galleries and outdoor terraces are availableafternoon, and night. By organizing an event, depending on its size, we can choose the ideal spaces according to the guest’s capacity and purpose.

For example, if organizing a children’s birthday party, using the entire place for educational activities such as exploring the aquarium and visiting the wet lab is a nice option.

However, if what you want is to organize an eventas important as your wedding, you can choose its outdoor spaces for the vow ceremony. Later, one of its private multi-purpose rooms is the go-to choice, decorated all with galleries of marine species where an incandescent blue will be your special guest.

We definitely can’t miss this place if perfection is what you want for your event.